valentines-day-heartsOn Valentine’s Day, we wanted to reflect on more than flowers and baked goods and the chocolate candy goodies that are typical outward expressions of love on this day.

Our social media post idea started out as just a quick way to acknowledge the day and say “Happy Valentine’s” to all of you in a fun way. So we figured a few photos with each of us holding a paper cutout of a heart would do.

But as we talked more and more about it, we wanted more and more.

That’s when the idea of a video was born.

Simple enough, right?

Yes… And no.

So we got together and decided, let’s just say what’s on our minds in an “in-the-moment” expression. Just say what’s on your mind. How are you feeling at that moment in time? What are you feeling at that moment? What, as an individual, do you want to say?

The result is our brief Valentine’s Day video spot that you probably have watched already. As it turns out, it really goes way beyond the individual. It expresses us more wholly as a team.

Because sometimes you gotta’ go beyond the norm and dig a little deeper. Let us know what you think.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day

heart valentines daySo it’s not too late to get your sweetheart a little something for Valentine’s Day. But what are other people buying and how much will they spend the first “real” consumer holiday of 2017?

From jewelry to flowers to a night out, there’s a lot of potential to spoil your loved one.

Well first of all, according to the National Retail Federation’s Valentine’s Day Consumer Spending Survey by Prosper Insights and Analytics, only about 50 to 55 percent of Americans will celebrate the day at all.

On average, the survey says those who do partake will plunk down more than $145 on jewelry, flowers, apparel, candy and other treats. Nationwide, that’s spending large, somewhere in the $19 to $20 billion range.

So, are you celebrating Valentine’s Day? And if so, what’s on you mind?