Meet Mark Heideman, our most seasoned Brand Architect whose 14-year commitment to agency art direction and a lifetime of athletic ventures keeps us enthusiastic about the days ahead. While this may not be his

first rodeo, he never ceases to amaze us with his creative concepts and collaborative skills that help carry our team through countless brochures, ads, direct mail pieces and overall marketing campaigns. But it was Mark’s resume prior to 2004 that sealed his fate in the boutique agency world.

A Step Back in Time

So, what made Mark the perfect fit for Spiro & Associates? Well, for starters, he graduated from Ball State University in Indiana, giving us one less person to compete with in the never-ending battle of University of Florida versus Florida State. After obtaining degrees in graphic design and photography, he went on to work for several design firms before branching out on his own with clients such as Kraft Foods, American Heart Association, Indiana Pacers, Resort Condominiums International, Burger Chef and National Gymnastics Federation, suggesting to us that Mark is certainly up for a challenge.


Then, he joined Hanlon Brown Design in Arizona as an account executive, giving him the opportunity to design and manage projects for Intel, Tektronix and Adidas, as well as the skill set to relate to our agency’s hardworking executives. As if we needed one more reason to qualify Mark for our team, he also taught Photoshop, advanced design and portfolio at the Art Institute of Phoenix and the former Southwest Florida College in Fort Myers. This comes in handy as the agency takes on young, aspiring artists just waiting to learn all that Mark knows.

A Walk on the Athletic Side

Brand architecture is not the only decades-plus commitment Mark has managed to make. He has also raced in more than 100 triathlons across North America and Mexico. Last month, he became a 2017 IRONMAN 70.3 Gulf Coast finisher, making us all feel very guilty for not going to the gym that day. But in between traveling, camping, running, cycling and scuba diving, Mark always reminds us that he would be happy to teach us beginners, as he has many others. Then again, it seems that many Brand Architects have already learned so much from him … just ask anyone who has ever had a computer-related issue of any kind.

A Step Forward

Mark has always led with the following advice: Learn what a healthy ego is and then, use it only for the good of the team. If you cannot do that, leave it outside the door before you walk in.

And there you have it, the wise one strikes, again. So, if you happen to see Mark jogging to the office one of these days, ask him why he keeps going, and he will be sure to show you the way.