Meet Kandice Hayes, a Senior Public Relations Specialist and Brand Architect™ who values something that our ship’s captain has made a habit of for the past 30-plus years — getting up and into work early! On most days — unless, of course, you are a late riser — you will find Kandice plugging away at press releases, blog posts, story “pitches” and client-inspired articles as many as two hours before her shift is even set to begin. She tells us it is because she is used to that type of schedule, but we all know it is because she is a perfectionist — which keeps our clients incredibly happy and sets the tone for the department she leads. So, just where did Kandice develop her daily routine of early to bed, early to rise from? Well, we can say for sure that it dates back five years, but the full story is much more riveting than that — see for yourself!


Marketing, Product Management & So Much More

It is very apparent just how much of an asset to the Agency that Kandice really is, especially when we think about how many industries that she has worked in that encompass our most active clientele and always refer back to marketing and product management — two ideas that bring The Brand Architects to the office every day.

Kandice spent nine years in the communications sector of Invacare Corporation, a medical equipment company in Northeast Ohio, where she was born and raised — yes, she is a diehard Ohio State and Cleveland Indians fan; did you even have to ask? She then made the move to product management for homebuilders, working in the Midwest before relocating to Southwest Florida, where her husband was offered a job opportunity that he could not pass up.

And Kandice did not do so bad herself — she continued to pursue her passion for homebuilding communications before advancing to Director of Communications for Technical Olympic USA. There, she led the customer relations team to achieve an overall 98% satisfaction rating and developed internal and external communications. I guess that is why she is able to help our clients create successful award applications, marketing action plans, meeting agendas and event collateral … who knew? By the way, we happen to have first met Kandice back in 2007, when she worked for Merits Health Products Inc., a former Agency client.


Big Move

You may have thought Kandice’s big move came when she relocated to Fort Myers, but it was actually when she became Product Development Manager at a little-known company called Tervis Tumbler — yes, the company that manufactured the water bottle you are probably drinking out of right now. She managed activities that stimulated the development and introduction of new products and packaging. Good thing that she has a Bachelor of Science in Business Management/Marketing and a Master of Business Administration, both from Ohio’s Ashland University, to guide her way. By the way, Tervis’ headquarters is in Venice and has an 8 a.m. start time — see where Kandice developed her morning routine?

After five years in Venice, she took a leap of faith by joining the Agency, becoming a staple in the writing department and interchangeably taking on public relations jobs with her partner and officemate, Kaitlin Sherman.


Helping Hand, Kind Heart

Of course, every Brand Architect has their own version of fun after work hours. For Kandice, that may mean catching a few innings of the Cleveland Indians game or fitting yoga into her busy schedule. But a special place in her heart is dedicated to volunteering at the PACE Center for Girls, Make-A-Wish Foundation and previously, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. This is not a fun fact that shocks her colleagues in any way, as there is a consensus that says Kandice is the person that we can depend on for words of encouragement, compliments and wise words — ingredients for motivation on some of the most hectic days.

If you have not yet had a chance to meet this lovely lady and would like her to write some strategic words for your next big campaign, stop by Spiro & Associates — but get here early and walk fast — just ask anyone who has ever seen her on the way to the copy room.