Meet Jeffrey Abbott.

Everyone, Jeffrey Abbott. Jeffrey, everyone.

meet-jeffrey-abbottGeek. That’s where we’ll start with our Website Developer Jeffrey, who joined The Brand Architects team earlier this year. Jeffrey is a self-proclaimed geek who also loves to get into the nuts and bolts of how things work and why.

Which brings us to his impressive knack for obtaining and sharing little-known facts about almost any subject. Like the bacteria culture in Activia yogurt is derived from poop.

He also likes to make stuff. Think mozzarella cheese in 30 minutes. (There’s also beer, soda pop and ice cream that you can ask him about.)

Technology Driven

Jeffrey Abbott also makes a lot of sense out of technology. And rightfully so, having been a leader in software engineering with 20 years of experience in the analysis, design, development and implementation of high-performance technology solutions.

He gained all the knowledge working for International Business Machines for 12 years. Yes, that IBM, working in multiple cities and states across the Good ‘Ole U S of A.

  • He started out as an IT specialist where his first big project was to create a state-of-the-art computerized Incident Tracking System for Cincinnati, Ohio, police officers.
  • Then, Jeffrey served as a subcontractor for AK Steel’s federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration system.
  • He worked his way across the spectrum of ever-challenging technology positions, including technical lead, lead developer and finally software engineer.
  • His final post with IBM included leading a 10-member international team to create the first internal 3-D business collaboration space.
Meet Jeffrey Abbott: Educational Accomplishments

His educational accomplishments are equally dazzling. He holds a Graduate Certificate in Creativity Studies and Change Leadership from Buffalo State University (State University of New York); a Master of Business Administration from Xavier University in Cincinnati; and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Systems Analysis and an Associate in Applied Science Degree in Computer Technology, both from Miami University in Ohio.

When he’s not toiling away on technology solutions and website creations, our nerd dad enjoys “kitchen chemistry,” engineering experiments (model rockets, electronics, and modifying toys), and building working robots with his two young sons.

Suffice it to say we have grown to greatly appreciate little-known facts and the geek world.