Meet Jason Zulauf, a graphic designer, website developer and the quiet Brand Architect™ that you should watch out for — because he can concept and design anything from logos, to brochures, magazine ads, websites, e-blasts, billboards and direct mail pieces of campaigns. His professional production experience goes back to 2005, and his proficiency with Mac OSX and Windows Operating System, as well as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver and other funky programs that the artistically inclined cherish so much, leave us eternally grateful when a quick turnaround job arises. So, where do the roots of a 30-something, standing at about 6’4’’ and proving that the plaid shirt and denim look is alive and well, link back to? Well, we are more than happy to tell you, but keep this information hush-hush — you know, like Jason would.


A Growing Artistic Vision

Before Jason — now affectionately known as J.Z. ­— took the Agency to new heights (quite literally), he was creating a variety of signs, banners, vehicle wraps and vinyl graphics for Signs 41/ right here in Fort Myers. But then he decided he was not too cool for school after all and obtained his Associate of Arts in graphic design from the former Southwest Florida College.

And that is when Jason got his first big break. He started managing and coordinating design projects for automotive clients at Moore & Scarry Advertising, working his way from Graphic Designer to Art Director and overseeing a team of 15 designers and hiring new ones. But with an unwavering desire to apply every one of the skills he had acquired over the past decade-plus, the cover letter to Spiro & Associates was just about to come to fruition.


Nowadays …

Nowadays, Jason sits on the fringe of the Agency’s newly established “Red Zone” and designs creative visuals for online and print marketing. The clients he serves cover a wide variety of industries such as land development, construction, retail, residential and commercial real estate, law, marine, business and much more. And since Jason loves what he does so much, he takes his daily duties several steps further, crafting e-blasts and multiple e-mail marketing campaigns to assist both the web and creative departments. They are incredibly grateful for the extra set of hands, and Jason is equally as grateful to be continuing his 110% commitment to perfection — which is almost as big as the commitment he makes to his wife and children … but not quite.

Speaking of family, that is whom you will find him with on his days off. Their favorite things to do? Art projects (obviously) and watching the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (if Dad has full access to the remote). So, while we would like to claim some of those family art projects as our own, Jason has found a permanent destination for them on his home refrigerator. But maybe he is willing to share them with you … as long as he is not in the middle of finding fonts for projects or hunting down inspiration for another award-winning campaign.