Meet Erin Donati, a Brand Architect whose job title — Production and Traffic Manager — does not even come close to alluding to all that she handles. From managing production, to supporting activities, to coordinating workflow and deadlines among all departments, she spends most of the week running the errands and logging the hours that keep us all on our toes. So, where do you find such a miracle-working employee to assist a diligent leader in sailing such a large vessel amidst various conditions? Well, we will tell you, but do not go looking for another one like her, because she is one of a kind.


Chico’s, Budweiser & Coca-Cola have Something in Common

It may be hard to believe, but Chico’s FAS, Budweiser and Coca-Cola have something in common. Actually two things — one, they have all had Erin Donati on their team, and two, they gave her the skills that we hold very near and dear to our hearts at the Agency. In fact, she spent eight years at Chico’s FAS headquarters in Fort Myers where she wrote and developed processes for product activation and sample management. They valued Erin so much that she took on a website specialist role and was later promoted to Associate Manager of Creative Operations for e-commerce managing the Soma and White House | Black Market brands. Pretty impressive, if you ask us!

Long before that, Erin was dispatching route trucks for a Budweiser distributor. A dispatcher is someone whose job is to receive messages and organize the movement of people – hmmm, sounds an awful lot like her job description now. Then, she moved even closer to the Team Spiro way when she became an Account Executive for a Coca-Cola bottler in Connecticut, before tackling a position she took in Texas as a Project Manager for First National Bank. Sounds like some big and diverse endeavors, but knowing Erin, we are certainly not surprised.


Transitioning to Spiro & Associates

In 2016, Erin decided that she was ready to take on boutique agency life and made her way over to a corner building on West First Street, pleasantly known as Spiro & Associates. She brought her own pizzazz in the form of high heels, fancy skirts, eternally sparkling office supplies and a fuzzy pen that we still cannot seem to replicate no matter how many stores we walk through. So, with the customer service skills of a support specialist, the organizational skills of an executive assistant and the marketing skills of … well, a Brand Architect, she was ready to become one of us. And ever since then, we keep our fingers crossed for her trusty vehicle to come rolling into parking space number one each day, knowing that it will be a productive one, yet again.

Having said this, if you are ever in the area and want to stop by the office to see Erin, she may not be at her desk. But do not be alarmed. She is probably in the copy room, or the conference room, or someone else’s office, or running from store to store for marketing campaign materials, or at a company photoshoot, or a client meeting, or a media interview, or … just wait, she will be back.