Meet Amy Court, a media director and Brand Architect™ who knows a good deal when she sees one. And why would she not? After all, she relocated to the Sunshine State when she was 18 (after determining Michigan winters with a -10° windchill were not exactly ideal), and therefore, has a steady grasp of the advertising opportunities here. In fact, understanding a concept such as this is the crux of her daily office tasks — planning, purchasing and evaluating online, print, cable, broadcast, radio and outdoor media buys. Amy does all this to not only meet the timeframe that various campaigns demand, but as part of the coordination with in-house creative and account management departments.

The above operation may sound tricky, but not for someone who can keep up a consistently humorous banter with her male counterpart turned officemate, as well as develop a well-balanced schedule for her active pre-teen daughter. Yes, we too knew a good deal when we saw Amy — not to mention what her diversified resume said.


A Floridian at Heart

Amy may be a Floridian at heart, but after graduating from University of Central Florida with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications — specializing in what she knows best, radio and television — she decided to launch her career in Braves Nation, otherwise known as Atlanta. The lucky company was Landmark Communications Inc., where her sales experience moved her up to Account Executive and Regional Sales Manager for The E.W. Scripps Company (if this name sounds familiar, just tune into Fox4).


But First, a Detour

With positions that allow her to relate to other internal staff members on multiple levels, Amy was surely ready to be a Brand Architect. But first, she made a pit stop — an eight-year one — back in Southwest Florida to work for Waterman Broadcasting as a Digital Media Manager. This nearly decade-long wait for someone like Amy proved to be a blessing in disguise, as her duties at Waterman ranged from developing digital advertising platforms to optimizing digital campaigns. Today, this easily allows her to work side by side with the Agency’s newly expanded social media department. But her ability to work with one department does not interfere with another. Amy even works with onsite writers every week to improve the way she positions marketing action plans and media buy proposals.


In the Office

At Spiro & Associates, Amy has not only become a media director, but the mother away from our mothers. It is not unusual to find her giving much-needed advice, a pat on the back or a knee-slapping laugh to any one of us. She offers rides, can tidy up the office faster than most, and never forgets to check up on people who have been out of the office or feeling ill that day. In short, we have a pretty good idea of how many blessings her daughter can count … as do we.

And if YOU need anything from Amy, she will not be far away … in the copy room printing budget spreadsheets, on the phone with media representatives or keeping our very own Don Gross in line … just doing her thing!