Spiro & Associates is proud to be one of many Horizon Foundation Investors throughout the region, for which we recently received a thank you note from Foundation President Denis Noah. Thank you Denis for reaching out!

We understand the important of investing in the communities where we work, live and play in Southwest Florida. Investments like ours, while not monumental in stature, and so many others who contribute, make it possible for basic community needs that we do not take for granted, including roads, parks and schools among them.

These are just a few of the quality of life considerations that economic development officials need to attract businesses to our region. It’s a competitive landscape, and we all must do what we can to encourage the best businesses that make sense for our area to take a close look at Southwest Florida as their next potential place to relocate.

Why Horizon Foundation Investors Now?

horizon foundation investors photo.jpgIf you have a business in Southwest Florida, take a hard look at the Lee County Horizon Foundation Investors situation and what that can mean for everyone. We have seen firsthand how being a part of Lee County’s economic development gives communities a competitive edge.

Think what could be if every business did just a small part in investing in the business community through the Lee County Horizon Foundation.

Think about the future of ensuring access to educational pursuits, continuing the groundwork needed to gain high-wage jobs, access to quality housing option, and the overall peace of mind and excellent quality of life that can be part of generations to come.

Find out more

Give Chris Spiro a call at (239) 481-5511, Extension 234, if you’d like more reasons to invest in Southwest Florida. Or contact the Lee County Economic Development Office at (239) 338-3161.