Facebook Live gives users the choice of broadcasting their lives in real time at just the touch of a button.

Facebook Live Map

facebook-liveFacebook’s “Live Map” pinpoints precisely the locations where you are broadcasting live, potentially giving millions of people from anywhere on the planet the ability to zoom in so they can check out not only where people are live, but also the ability to watch them in real time.

Anybody, Anywhere

“Anybody, anywhere, any time, if the settings are correct, can see it, broadcast it, view it,” Christopher Spiro told FOX-4 News’ Lisa Greenberg in a report that aired Feb. 2 (see video below). He recommends checking out your Facebook Live settings and make them work for you. If the setting is “Public,” you may want to change that if privacy is a concern.


facebook-live-smartphoneFacebook Live is marketed as “A fun, powerful way to connect with your followers and create new ones along the way.” The basic premise is to give users a way to interact with viewers in real time.

Users can field questions and comments on the fly, hear what’s on their audience’s mind, and check out their Live Reactions to gauge how the broadcast is being received.

Marketing Facebook Live

Facebook is marketing the service to as many of its 1.8 billion users as they can possibly reach. Users are receiving special notifications when their friends go live, and Facebook ads prompt those audiences to do the same.

Facebook officials have said users comment more than 10 times more on videos that are live compared to regular videos, and that the number of users broadcasting live at any given moment has increased significantly over time.

Facebook Earnings Soar

Earlier this month, Facebook exceeded Wall Street’s expectations once again with its quarterly earnings report. For the fourth quarter of 2016, the company reported earnings of $3.56 billion, which is up noticeably from $1.56 billion in the same period a year earlier.


FOX-4 News