edison festival artwork

Artwork signing event at Centennial Park in downtown Fort Myers in November 2016. From Left, Kevin Anderson, President, Edison Festival of Light; Senior Art Director Lynsey Yuknus; John Melleky, Executive Director of Development, Edison Festival of Light

Spiro & Associates Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations & Brand Architecture’s Senior Art Director Lynsey Yuknus created two signature pieces of original art that were featured in the 79th Annual Edison Festival of Light that ends today with a Cracker Dinner at Broadway Palm Theater in Fort Myers.

Celebrating Thomas Alva Edison

Lynsey’s artwork demonstrates all that the annual event celebrating Thomas Alva Edison has to offer, and was the focus of an article in the festival’s program guide, and used for T-Shirts and other marketing materials.

The unique pieces were also on display for her to sign at Centennial Park in downtown Fort Myers in October 2016.

John Melleky, Executive Director of Development for the Edison Festival of Light, said the artwork captures the essence of this event and everything Festival organizers want it to represent.

“It’s such a colorful and one-of-a-kind display,” he added.

Edison Festival Inspiration

lynsey edison festival t-shirtInspired by decoupage, decorating objects with paper cutouts, Lynsey took her first run at 3D modeling.

She started by designing her idea using historical graphical elements of past festivals and combing through local magazines. In a short time, she created one piece that reflects mixed media art, adding a personal touch to how she envisions the area she calls home.

The second piece was a digital creation that, along with the 3D model, shows all of the activities made available to guests at the festival. The 3D piece was also on display in the front window of the Edison Festival of Light office in downtown Fort Myers.

“I wanted people to be as inspired by this work of art as I am,” Lynsey says. “It’s evidence of an opportunity I’ve been given to tell the story of this hugely popular and historic, fun event.”

Tradition Captured on Canvass

Kevin Anderson, President of the Board of Directors of the Edison Festival of Light, said organizers wanted something to tie the entire tradition together and leave people with a lasting impression of the event.

“The artwork describes how local leaders feel about this event,” he added.

Chief Creative Officer Chris Spiro grew up attending the Edison Festival of Light events.

“It was such an honor to have my agency drive the new direction for this major Southwest Florida tradition,” he said.


Artist signs her work of art.


uncommon friends edison festival

Uncommon Friends at Centennial Park in downtown Fort Myers.



79th Annual Festival of Lights program guide.



Street banner in downtown Fort Myers Historic River District.



Ladies’ bling T-shirts feature Lynsey Yuknus’ artwork.