The Challenge

The word anniversary itself describes the merriment of an event, or start of something that is to be celebrated annually. Traditional 75th anniversaries are known as the pinnacle anniversary. The definition of pinnacle means the best or most successful point.

In the building industry, pinnacles are typically made of stone and predominantly used for ornamental purposes, providing vertical emphasis breaking up hard lines. Pinnacles are used to create seamless, works of art that are cherished and looked upon for years to come. What many don’t know is that the earlier formation of pinnacles came from marine life – specifically shells. As a Southwest Florida builder, it is no coincidence that Wright Construction Group found itself at their pinnacle anniversary. The anniversary that describes the culmination of their past and present, and defines the success of their future.

The Brand Architects™ developed an anniversary theme and executed an event we believed would propel forward movement and momentum in Wright Construction Group’s pinnacle year – the 75th anniversary. Because when your Wright, your right.

The Solution 

Engrained in the culture of Wright Construction is family. From the moment of inception of the company, ideas, processes and culture have been passed from one owner and generation to the next. Current owner, Fred Edman, literally grew up with Wright Construction. From a very young age, Edman was a part of and involved with the happenings of Wright Construction and whether or not he knew it – the “special sauce” was beginning to attach to his DNA that he would eventually pass on to others. Family and integrity are just two of those qualities that have been an installation since the foundation of the company when it started in Indiana in the basement of Fred and Maxine Wright’s home in 1946.

With firm faith values and morals, Fred Edman not only does things the Wright way (with processses, people, etc.), but prides himself on doing things the right way. Focusing on these elements and their presence from day one showcases the true character and value that Wright Construction brings to the industry and Southwest Florida.

We wanted to showcase the success and history of Wright Construction Group to celebrate their 75th anniversary by sharing the story of how Ron Edman (Fred’s father) came to work for Fred Wright as a teenager, eventaully becoming the owner of the company himself, and raising Fred Edman in the offices of Wright Construction. Ron eventually retired and Fred went from playing on the stairs, to walking up them when arriving for his first job with the company, to then owning the stairs when he bought the company from his father, Ron. Three phases of the company, three seasons of history and stories to tell. This was to be the integration of the “Growing Up Wright” theme in all elements/collateral.

Pop-Up Invitation

75th Anniversary E-vite

The Result

“Growing up Wright” is a play on words because Fred Edman not only grew up within the Wright Construction company but focused on growing up right and then instilling those values within the DNA of the Wright culture. This is where the special sauce was also explained. 

Wright Process | Wright People | Wright Partnerships | Wright Projects

It is these four components that helped us tell the story, spread out between the three seasons of the company: The first, second and third sets of 25 years. Throughout a video, we peppered in testimonies of the “old days” as well as old photo’s, old videos, and old company collateral. As the video and collateral timeline progress – the newer projects, clients and staff were featured to show how the company has grown – but seeing it from the eyes of “Growing Up Wright”.

The video was shown at an elegant 75th anniversary event, where past and present employees, partners, dignitaries and family members attended a mocktail party and sit-down dinner to celebrate Wright Construction Group’s longevity and success.

Leading up to the event, The Brand Architects™ designed a save the date card, pop-up invitation, and email invitation to be sent to over 300 invitees. Our scope of work also included coordinating with an event planner to finalize details for the mocktail tent, dinner tent, coffee bar, menu, schedule for the evening, video production and creating a slide show of 75 years worth of photos to be displayed in a walk-thru movie tunnel.

The event had nearly a 100% turnout by the invited guests, including government officials, employees, family members and long time clients, subcontractors and vendors.


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