The Challenge

With the help of an FDA-certified lab, two podiatrists, one the owner of Southwest Florida Ankle & Foot Care Specialists, developed an over-the-counter, botanical surface treatment for nail fungus infections. Doing business as “Works for Docs LLC,” the doctors were selling the products from the ankle and foot business, but wanted to take it to the masses and eventually globally. What’s different about Deep Cover Nail System is that it is available in a variety of colors. The pair hired Spiro & Associates for this new salon-quality product and its associated new line of medicated foot lotions and scrubs.

The Solution

We created a look and feel to project an image of young and fresh, touting not only the benefits of the system’s ability to treat unsightly nails, but promoting better-looking toenails and fingernails as well. Targeted audiences included baby boomers, younger women, men who would likely be interested in the clear non-shiny treatment, and people with diabetes, who are three times as likely to develop a nail fungus infection. Marketing messages drove home the points that Deep Cover is a nonprescription treatment, and that it is a color nail system — several colors. Not all, if any other over-the-counter treatments, can say the same. Other medical reasons to use Deep Cover include the fact that if left untreated, nail fungus can cause bacterial infections in other parts of the body. We created a campaign that included an identity package, brochure, Web site, packaging materials and names for colors, and provided significant account service time that goes along with the marketing effort.

The Result

Works by Docs is well prepared to take Deep Cover Nail System to market.