The Challenge

Paragon Flight, an award-winning certified flight academy, had established the next chapter in luxury, five-star flight services. Paragon Charter employed well-trained pilots to take affluent passengers to over 100 airports and fixed-based operations in the southeastern United States, as well as the Bahamas and Bimini, for business or pleasure. With companies in Fort Myers and Naples applying similar practices, Paragon Charter needed marketing materials and a VIP-focused program that would capitalize on its brick and mortar values, top-of-the-line aircrafts, concierge services and single point of contact. CEO Chris Schoensee called upon Spiro & Associates to customize a marketing action plan, including to-be-executed recommendations to grow the charter company with businesspeople, families and sports enthusiasts alike.

The Solution

The Agency started by encouraging Paragon Charter to combine its social media efforts with that of the Paragon Flight Facebook page, as a way of increasing engagement and broadening the current audience, as well as to explore the use of hashtags and Facebook ads. The Brand Architects™ also conducted a Paragon Flight website review that inspired revamped images and suggestions for a more clean and navigable look, leading to a good beginning for offshoot brand Paragon Charter and complementing public relations efforts in the form of press releases and feature story pitches.

Agency artists and designers then organized a photoshoot at the company’s Page Field headquarters that displayed Paragon Charter’s target audiences boarding aircrafts and engaging with all the company has to offer.

These pictures were incorporated into short, set-to-music videos that the Client could use for web and broadcast purposes, while the pictures themselves were added to advertisements and a comprehensive brochure.

All ads and the brochure accompanied a Spiro & Associates-created, trademarked positioning line — Florida Flies With Us — to declare that Paragon Charter is an established charter business/brand that covers the entire Sunshine State.

The company’s natural progression with regards to exceeding clients’ expectations peaked when the Agency launched a frequent flyer program — Paragon Platinum Passenger — to remind people that luxury-inspired flying is not only found in Naples and that personalized service can be theirs for a highly reasonable price. The Agency’s creative team developed private club inclusions, such as preferred booking, discounted car rentals, preferred luxury hotel rates, flexible schedule changes, VIP parking and immediate responses to requests. All program members received an exclusive titanium membership card, packaged in a Paragon Charter recruitment kit that further emphasized the elite status that comes with choosing these air carriers above other locally based brands.


In a matter of months, Paragon Charter was featured in top-tier business publications like Business Observer and Gulfshore Business. Photoshoot images and the positioning line were incorporated into the company’s website, along with ads and a brochure on display at the Page Field headquarters. The Paragon Platinum Passenger program was executed with a three-dimensional mailer to Paragon Charter’s clients, some of whom ultimately signed up for the program.

To this day (and despite the company changing ownership and its name to Cypress Air Charter), Agency-produced images and marketing content are still in use.