florida skin center
Cape coral, fort myers, lehigh acres & punta gorda, Florida


Florida Skin Center sought to distinguish themselves by transforming the doctor-patient relationship, to make patients feel as if they were visiting a resort spa with concierge services rather than a medical office. They also wanted to capitalize more effectively on Dr. Aurora Badia’s unique qualification as the only board-certified pediatric dermatologist within 100 miles of Southwest Florida.

Florida Skin Center needed help better defining their brand and appealing to a broad, bilingual, multigenerational, multiethnic audience of prospective patients who are at risk of skin cancer.

While its existing creative executions were adequate, Florida Skin Center looked to us to craft marketing messages that would express the practice’s approach and overarching philosophy through print, collateral, digital and broadcast components.

Logo & positioning line Treatment


The Agency started by introducing a unique vocabulary centric to the phrase, “Florida skin,” such as “Florida Skincredible,” “Florida Skintelligent” and “Florida Skinnocence.” This created an immediately recognizable brand voice and editorial style. We then conducted a photo and film shoot for original imagery to accompany our communications and reflect a multigenerational, multiethnic demographic
that may find themselves in Florida Skin Center’s offices.

The Agency introduced the positioning line, “Take your skin to a better place,” which became so central and meaningful to the marketing and brand architecture of Florida Skin Center that they used it as the name for their annual fundraising 5k race.

Business Cards

Long-form promotional video

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Following the proposed creative strategy, the Agency implemented social media executions that included retargeting banner ads, Lookalike Audiences and Spanish-language targeting. This allowed us to track website visitors, target Facebook users and reach individuals with the same likes, interests and behaviors as users we know. The Agency also set out to drive traffic specifically to the Lehigh Acres office with Spanish-language ads. Lastly, we created a paid social media strategy to reach a broader audience.

The Agency went on to execute a public relations strategy that ranged from bimonthly press releases to feature story “pitches.” Topics included new hires, life-saving skin checks, complimentary skin check events, charitable programs, awards/recognitions and suite-like amenities incorporated throughout each Florida Skin Center location. Applicable print publication and broadcast outlets were presented with interview opportunities, tours of each facility and further story-inspiring information.

The Agency filled in the gaps of earned media placement with paid media opportunities, such as search engine marketing (SEM) text ads with trackable analytics, as well as behavioral and retargeted banner advertising to people based on their online behavior or likelihood of becoming a Florida Skin Center client. Florida Skin Center also ran banner ads on LeeSchools.net to attract parents with children and exposed their brand via flyers, signage, posters and newspaper ads in The News-Press, Naples Daily News, Grandeur, Parent & Child, and the Southwest Florida High School Football Game of the Week program.

To generate a lot of noise around the Take Your Skin To A Better Place™ 5k, the Agency also created
an iHeart Radio package and repurposed creative for the “Get Your Skin In The Game and Check It!” campaign, encouraging people to receive a head-to-toe skin examination from a Florida Skin Center provider, leading up to the walk/race.

We also scripted and directed a 4.5-minute long-form promotional video for Florida Skin Center’s website. This video ultimately transitioned into a 30-second television spot.

Banner ad campaign

The Result

Spiro & Associates has successfully established a powerful and effective brand campaign for Florida Skin Center that has measurably moved the needle in the right direction. Weekly call traffic and the opening of a fourth location in Punta Gorda indicated tangible growth and expansion to reach more patients, particularly in underserved areas. The Agency has earned successful public relations coverage, profitable consulting and speaking engagements, and promoted Dr. Badia for numerous awards like the “2017 Distinguished Entrepreneur of the Year” and Florida Weekly’s “Best in Dermatology”.

In less than eight months, the Agency’s PR efforts evolved into three feature stories and
25 published articles.

Facebook followers increased by 15.65%, and page likes grew by 13.64%. The average reach went
from 104 users per day to an impressive 1,730 users per day. This drove the organic engagement
rate up by nearly 3%. Retargeting drove the ad click-through up nearly 1% in just one month,
and the Lookalike Audiences utilized to promote the Take Your Skin To A Better Place 5k increased
the click-through by .70 in the same amount of time.

Banner advertising produced 3,121 clicks, while the SEM prompted 3,882 website visits and 942 total calls. From April through October 2017, Florida Skin Center received 4,766 additional calls, including 148 from a print ad and 39 total calls garnered from Parent & Child through October 2017. Even during the month of Hurricane Irma, Florida Skin Center was only down 304 calls compared to the same time the previous year.

Again, in six months, the behavioral ads for Florida Skin Center delivered 1,973 clicks to the website, and the retargeted banner ads inspired 1,148 clicks. This translates to 962,418 ads served. Meanwhile, digital banner ads through the Lee County School District received 62 calls, representing 38% of all calls for the entire campaign.

In terms of complimentary patient services, in the first 26 days the launch, 415 patients were seen for free at all three Florida Skin Center locations. Sixteen of those patients were diagnosed with skin cancer, including three cases of melanoma.

The Punta Gorda office is set to open soon and include a fellowship-trained, high-volume Mohs surgeon and cutaneous oncologist. Meanwhile, CEO George Gulisano’s overwhelming satisfaction with the Agency’s work continues to lead him to make referrals and offer us additional projects.




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