The Challenge

DIOXYME is a supplement manufacturing business that produces amino acid, protein and Omega-3 supplements that maximize athletic performance through scientific principles and without fillers, proprietary blends, unproven ingredients, GMOs, gluten, soy or rBGH/antibiotics. The company, based in Fort Myers, Florida, has been making products since 2014. DIOXYME had moderate success on the local and regional levels and wanted to expand its reach. The company had recently signed a popular UFC fighter as a spokesperson/brand ambassador, just ahead of his title fight in Las Vegas, and wanted to begin to build momentum nationally leading up to the event. The company retained Spiro & Associates to develop and execute an integrated digital marketing campaign as a way of promoting the brand and its superior line of products.


The Solution 

As DIOXYME brand awareness was mainly among loyal core followers, the Agency developed a campaign built on existing brand elements powerfully communicated to appeal to the broadest limits of the target audience. DIOXYME had been utilizing a firmly established “bull” icon as its logo, and the Agency wanted to play on its recognition. Reinforcing the DIOXYME logo, The Brand Architects™ kicked off the campaign with the development of a positioning line that doubled as a call to action: Grab your workout by the horns. This imperative statement says that you take control of your fitness and your life; that you have the power to overcome challenges in the gym and out. The statement would also be expressed as a hashtag for use in the social media strategy.

Next, digital assets were created for use in banner advertising and social media paid advertising. Building on the opportunity to showcase the UFC brand ambassador and incorporating the new positioning line, the Agency created a series of digital ads that would resonate in the minds of fitness-conscious men and women looking for the best sports nutrition available. As an e-commerce brand, Dioxyme had ads centered around driving traffic to the online store and increasing sales. Social media platforms were linked to the company’s e-commerce store.

The Brand Architects then developed a posting schedule to deliver creative content that provided value to the audience, increased brand recognition and drove sales. Several posts, accompanied by our call to action statement, were scheduled per week to engage followers and create top-of-mind presence of the DIOXYME brand.

The Agency was also on hand to provide promotional and event support leading up to the highly anticipated title fight.


The Result

Overall, in the short time leading up to the title fight event, the digital marketing campaign was a success, as the performance metrics show:

  • 90,047 Impressions made
  • 48,294 Overall reach
  • 0.22% Click-Through Rate (CTR)
  • 8.5 seconds View time
  • 250% Sales spike
  • Overall increase in new users