The Challenge

Archima Solutions is a Salesforce Implementation firm offering a broad range of services, including Cloud Implementation Services, Managed Services, and Strategic Staffing Services.  The team at Archima is made up of subject matter experts, technologists, and specialists who collectively have 10+ years of Salesforce expertise and more than 15 years of relevant experience as business process consultants. Their focus is to help businesses who want to maximize productivity and provide clients with tailored solutions to boost usability, ensure customer retention and increase profitability.

Archima’s primary goal was to target Salesforce sales representatives who use the CRM which allows its users to view all of their accounts, contacts, opportunities, tasks, and events in a single space to better develop customer account ratings, create user dashboards, and view selling trends to assist in future sales. Archima’s role to these representatives is to integrate (custom code and fit) Salesforce into a company’s current software and develop processes to put it into place. Which leads to their secondary target audience, the end-user.

The end-user is any industry that employs a sales or marketing strategy, that can benefit from hiring Archima to integrate Salesforce, bypassing the representatives altogether.

Finally, Archima wanted to target subject matter experts, technologists, and specialists. These are highly intelligent coding guru’s who would be employed by Archima Solutions to integrate Salesforce for the end user. These specialists can work remotely or be placed in house to setup Salesforce and put the processes in place that are needed to make Salesforce a success for the company’s investment.

When the New Jersey- based company asked The Brand Architects™ to help them establish a fresh brand personality to assist in making them stand out from the thousands of other companies that claim to offer these same services, we gladly dug in.

Archima Solutions Photo Shoot Images

The Solution 

After researching Archima, the target audiences and their competition, Spiro & Associates agreed that we needed to develop a campaign to make their brand stand out from the competition while also evolving their digital, social and media platforms to target the appropriate audiences.

Because Salesforce is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ system it is regularly customized to suit the needs of its end-user teams, and the way they do business. Training the users also requires an individual, personal approach.  As we searched for a metaphor to describe what Archima’s services represent, we had two prerequisites: it must be universally recognized, and it must be visually interesting.

In the end, Archima is in the business of customizing solutions to fit their clients’ organizations, their sales teams, and their operational style.

The agency built a strategic marketing campaign to resolve Archima’s challenges and achieved their ultimate goals of driving sales, recruiting and informing and provided brand engagement by determining that the seasoned technologists of Archima Solutions, were not unlike tailors. That’s right clothing tailors…with the same blend of skilled expertise and impeccable personal service.

Our creative solution is an interesting mix of visuals that show Archima’s key services as being literally tailored to fit your needs accompanied by arresting headlines.

Armed with this campaign concept, the Agency presented Archima with a marketing action plan that demonstrated how it would be woven into all marketing channels including print and digital ads, social media, e-blasts, and a corporate brochure.

After the concept was presented by the client and received with praise, The Brand Architects got to work.  We started with a professional photo shoot, knowing that we needed to bring the concept to life.

While the creative was being finalized, the Spiro web team was working behind the scenes to develop Archima’s new web presence. Here the campaign would be incorporated using tailor-themed headlines and final images from the photoshoot.


Archima Digital 

The Result

The campaign was officially launched in September 2021, by launching the new website, nationally distributing a press releases, announcing the brand evolution on social media, displaying digital banner ads, and developing a corporate and digital brochure.

After the campaign was successfully launched, Archima Solutions saw an increase in sales and recruitment, ultimately asking us to develop a leave-behind highlighting some of their recent wins. In addition, and not expected, the staffing side of the business experienced huge growth.

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