The world of marketing communications has recently seen a FLOOD of online resources that continually try to convince potential client brands that the design and production of everything from logos to websites, ads, brochures, and other brand communications tools are essentially commodities. 

Now, we know the more savvy, experienced clients out there know better, but there are far too many up-and-coming brands with great potential who fall prey to the ‘siren song’ of the $100 logo, $200 video, and whatever other recycled ideas people looking for beer money have to sell. It’s often easy to like something that costs pennies on the dollar—especially when times get tough or you’re trying to grow a new business. We’ve all gone for the $5 haircut at one point or another. But then we looked in the mirror… It’s no wonder there are people out there who are convinced ‘marketing and advertising doesn’t work.’ 

Wrong. POORLY DONE marketing and advertising DOESN’T WORK… just like that cheap haircut didn’t do your social life any favors.

Crafting a true, enduring brand is not something that can be built using a cobbled together team of online providers looking for a side hustle. If that’s what you believe, stop reading now, and have a nice day.

our process

Creativity is the ‘raw material’ of our business.

It defines our role, drives our business and, when all is said and done, positively affects the business destinies of each of our clients. The most universally accepted definition of creativity focuses on the act of combining things—various, independent, previously existing things—in an innovative, imaginative way. The result yields something truly new…something that did not previously exist. Anywhere. Ever.  

Or, maybe it’s simply imagination, inspiration, invention and integration all igniting to produce a ‘big bang’/‘eureka’/’voila’ kind of moment. Better? Who knows!? Well, WE do…It’s our business. In fact, we’ve even given the process we use to harness these awesome forces a name: AmperBranding® (complete with a ®).

AmperBranding, at its core, is applying the artistic power of creativity to the science of integrated marketing (the process of conveying a unified message across a variety of channels to drive customer engagement—and, ultimately, sales). 

The ‘Amper’ in AmperBranding is short for ‘ampersand’…the commonly used symbol for the word ‘and’—which is (not coincidently) also the central element of our company logo,

and our approach to branding.

I have worked with Chris & his team for many years. I can not tell you all the value I believe Chris has added to our Company. He not only is a great adviser & a very talented strategist but I am proud to call him a friend. Chris & his team were instrumental in coming up with all of the ideas during a major company renaming & re-branding campaign that we just went through. I lean on Chris during good times & bad to help market & guide our company. If you are in need of a GREAT Ad Agency or you need help in marketing an idea or concept I strongly recommend you give Spiro & Associates a call, I believe you will be extremely happy that you did.
– Brian Rist, Past CEO, StormSmart Industries

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2200 Broadway, Suite 200, Fort Myers, FL 33901   239.481.5511   Email us

©Copyright 2021 | All rights reserved | Powered by the Brand Architects at Spiro & Associates